In November 2003 we started a series of home exhibitions in which visual artists from different
countries participated.

 The phenomenon "home exhibition" has a long tradition in Russia. We wanted to give a new impulse to this phenomenon by placing the works of art in an intimate, home atmosphere and by bringing it over to other territories. As most galleries are not able to afford any non-commercial activities, we wanted to take it on ourselves to give the artists a possibility of using their creative potential, freely and without looking back. The potential of which one often makes no use.

Every participant did send a piece of art to the organizers by e-mail. It could be a drawing, a picture, a text, anything was welcome. In other words, whatever the author wanted to introduce him- or herself with. The curator of the exhibition (in this case one of the participants) printed all works A-4-sized and then arranged an exhibition at his/her home. Afterwards he/she took a photo of the exhibition and did send this photo to all participants by e-mail.

The next exhibition was organized in another house by another artist. He/she presented the theme, appointed the date of the exhibition and did send a photo of the exhibition to all participants through the internet.

In this way, every artist took part in different home exhibitions in different countries and got, as a result of this action, photo documentation about the whole series of exhibitions. All home exhibitions where presented on the website of the project.

The first home exhibition was opened November the 30st 2003 in Maastricht. The final exhibition was presented on the 1st Biennale of Contemporary Art in Moscow in 2005.


Home Exhibition Project London

Home Exhibition Project Jerusalem

Home Exhibition Project Maastricht

Home Exhibition Project Moscow